Why DigitalArx?


DigitalArx is a real on-premise solution, able to transform the existing corporate infrastructure in a simple, reliable, and secure file sync & share system. It allows enterprises to store and manage their data internally, maintaining control over permissions and access rules.

Enterprise Security

DigitalArx ensures the highest security standards (data encryption, AD/LDAP authentication, OS hardening), in accordance with strict corporate security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, and meeting the requirement that data – sensitive ones in particular – should reside within the company’s data center.

Cloud services

The exponential growth of cloud services, mobility, and the use of personal equipment (BYOD) makes it increasingly necessary to share and access data from any platform, anywhere, at any time.

Introducing DigitalArx – The Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution

Everything you need to securely bring your business into the new cloud era


Information can be accessed and shared between employees, partners and customers from any desktop and mobile devices. DigitalArx works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, that can be personal or corporate.


It’s important to have only one system for all data transfer, across different users, platforms and devices. DigitalArx integrates with the most common operating systems such as iOS, Android, MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Fully Customizable

DigitalArx graphic interface can be fully customized and branded with colors, names, and logos to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s solutions.